We can provide the following Personnel:
Surveyors Supervisors Electricians
Welders Instrument Pipe Fitters Instrument Technicians

The SSE Group provides a competent and motivated team of field service professionals to perform tubing and instrumentation services, providing our clients with personnel who are artists and obtain personal pride and satisfaction with the end product and are considered committed and highly skilled at what they do. We have invested a lot of time, performing test tasks and evaluations, in the formation of the SSE Instrumentation team, choosing the best; understanding that our customers want the most reliable solution service which conciliates quality and consistency in order to guarantee the best performance and quality of their precious assets and operations applying the industry´s “Best Practices” in all we do.

We are able to support our clients’ needs at their facilities or offshore, onboard the vessel, – all of our team are qualified to work onboard with all the mandatory certificates. For services performed offshore, or in our customers’ facilities, we can send out a full kit of tooling and machinery to bend and weld tubes up to 2”, thus our customers do not have to be concerned about the equipment to perform the job. We also have our infra-structure in our facilities where we can perform any service in our yard.

We also offer a state of the art pacifying service that is not harmful to the environment with excellent results.

Our goal is to offer a complete solution to any demand and our team of specialists is experienced and competent performing instrumentation services on a large range of equipment such as: BOPs, PODs, control panels, HPUs, HFGN & ROV panels, Tractors, manifolds, Rackers, well head panel, accumulators – any type of hydraulic equipment. Our technical team is comprised of experts at finding the most effective solutions without ever compromising quality. If our customers need to perform a modification in equipment or hydraulic lines, which requires changes in the hydraulic drawings, we can develop the project, perform the service and deliver the equipment and the new drawings including the proper modifications, performed by our engineering team.

We work with our customers to identify and source the most suitable components and equipment for a wide and varied range of hydraulic, instrumentation, process control and safety system applications.

We are focused on safety and the reliability of our performance.