Hose Survey and Inspection Certification test onboard Fabrication and installation onboard
RFID Tagging (tracking and monitoring) Online management system (cloud based)

The SSE Group offers a highly qualified and trained team of hose integrity specialists to perform survey, inspection, maintenance planning and control. Helping the client to constantly monitor and control the maintenance periods using our HIM cloud based RFID system. By ensuring that all hoses and connectors are correctly identified, with detailed configurations and test information.

Our team will ensure proper application of hose installation procedures and thereby considerably reduces the chances of SPoF (single point of failure). We also perform fabrication, testing, tagging and installation of the hoses offshore using our Portable Hose Integrity Management Workshop, which is completely fitted out with equipment that includes an industrial hose cutter, for up to 2”diameter, a hose connection crimping machine for up to 2” and a machine for washing, cleaning, drying and testing, with the capability to produce a test results graphical print out and a test certificate applying a test pressure of up to 15kpsi. It is a certified 10-foot container and can be installed either at the client’s workshop, in a shipyard or onboard the vessel.

We have introduced a high technology RFID system to support the hose integrity management, which uses an RFID chip to tag and identify the hoses and can permit reliable monitoring of the hose information through a cloud based data system where all the hose information is stored. The tag information and the reports are personalized to meet the demands of each client and all the information can be accessed online through our website. The RFID tag is additional to the tape ID tag that can also be fastened to the hose.