Present in the Oil and Gas industry since 2010, we are a competent and serious service company, focused on the subsea and hose integrity market. During these years SSE has been developing and increasing its participation in the industry worldwide through the high commitment with safety, quality and reliability, providing solutions, innovation and efficiency to our clients. As a result of all the dedication and efforts, SSE is today recognized amongst the best subsea companies globally, leading the Latin America market. SSE is proud to have maintained a high standard competent quality work force, business ethics, fair price and clear communications.

Support the oil & gas industry worldwide providing specialists on well control equipment, instumentation and hose integrity management to our clients, contributing to increase the quality and safety standards applying industry recognized best practices.

Be considered as one of the leading subsea and hose integrity management market worldwide, being a reference in terms of quality and safety.

People in first place = safety, ethics, respect and honesty
Reliability = Quality, commitment, client satisfaction, high performance and a fair price
Transparency = clear communication, integrity and objectivity


High quality, safety, efficiency, reliability, fair price.

SSE is here to provide sustainable solutions to our customers and increase the efficiency and reliability of their operations. We appreciate that ensuring quality is the way to achieve such results and we dedicate wholly our efforts to offer quality people and achieve the best results.

Offering superior service is not enough if it comes with a high price and that is why SSE is abreast with the best in the market place.

We have developed a highly efficient operational system where we can offer the highest standard at a very fair price. We understand this is the best arrangement for the clients, especially during the brutal market downturn, “maintain high quality at reduced costs”.

As a consequence of our strategy and the satisfaction of our customers, SSE has lead the Latin American Subsea Well Control market for more than four years and, in 2016, SSE made its mark amongst some of the more household names for subsea services in the world, with an impressive number of man/days even during the current market downturn.


SSE Group is able to provide an experienced and competent workforce of Subsea Engineers, who are specialists on BOPs and Well Control Equipment; supporting repair and maintenance procedures, servicing and upgrades, regardless of the manufacturer, model or generation. Our field service technicians have been trained and have the experience to meet the highest standards of competency and know how best to improve the reliability of the equipment and assist the rig crew to reduce time spent on maintenance, always focusing on safety and operational productivity.



SSE Group offers a knowledgeable and trained team of Hose Integrity Management specialists to perform survey, inspection, maintenance planning and control. Helping the client to efficiently monitor and control the maintenance periods using our HIM cloud based RFID system by ensuring that all hoses and connectors are correctly assembled, tested and identified, with detailed configurations and test information. Our team will ensure proper hose installation procedures and thereby considerably reduce the chances of SPoF (single point of failure).



The SSE Group provides a competent and motivated team of field service professionals to perform tubing and instrumentation services, providing our clients with personnel who are artists and obtain personal pride and satisfaction with the end product and are considered committed and highly skilled at what they do. We have invested a lot of time, performing test tasks and evaluations, in the formation of the SSE Instrumentation team, choosing the best; understanding that our customers want the most reliable solution service which conciliates quality and consistency in order to guarantee the best performance and quality of their precious assets and operations applying the industry´s “Best Practices” in all we do.



Currently the SSE Group has a strong presence in the South American market (one of the most significant today), however in order to strengthen our international presence we are in negotiations with partners in various locations globally that have indicated growth potential, and combine with our concerns for the safety and satisfaction of our clients and employees.


We are very proud of our admirable Client Portfolio.

We are on the AVL – Approved Vendors List, for all offshore and onshore drilling companies located in Brazil and several that have their corporate offices in USA, UK and Europe.


The oil world is very dynamic where every day there’s a novelty. We highlight here some news reported recently that involve all professionals connected to the oil sector, the naval segment, oil and gas, logistics, mining, marine and major industries of Brazil and abroad.


We have a lean, enviable administrative infrastructure that efficiently handles the technical body which consists of resourceful engineers, technicians and specialists in different areas to provide a complete team that is able to support in many demands. The experience and background of our team is outstanding, which demonstrates the excellence in the services we provide: subsea engineers, hose integrity management team and instrumentation & MoC.


Contact us and allow us to show you how we can assist your company to transform your results in a positive way.

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SSE is an leading company and is set to grow further in 2017/2018.
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